56k Emulator

Remember the old days? 1995. A 56k (or 'dial-up') modem. That noise when you initiated the connection. That there is nostalgia.

Take your rose tinted nerd-glasses off, though, because we all know that the world is a much speedier place these days.

Have you ever wondered what your favourite website would be like if you loaded it through one of those modems now? Wonder no more! The guys at fifty6 wondered the same, so they built this wholly imperfect little tool.

It is imperfect, but it's closer than nothing — and just a bit of fun. Use this website once, then forget about it.

Input your World Wide Web address. Watch the magic happen:

Points of note.

If you're reading this far down, you probably have too much time on your hands. For that reason, you're also probably about to crack out your old 56k modem and put these side by side for a comparison. Don't waste your time, it probably isn't close.

If you're wondering what we're doing here: We're getting the contents of your webpage through PHP, then stripping out the script tags so as not to complicate things. Then we use some simple jQuery to hide everything, and show them again element by element based on the HTML content of that element. It doesn't even take into account the size of images or embedded files. Pretty lazy, really.